Critique of Montessori's Method of Early Childhood


  • Dr. Neeraj Yadav Assistant Professor (B.Ed.), Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Degree College, Gonda, U.P. Author



Montessori Method, early childhood education, Vedic psychology, child-centered learning, holistic education, spirituality, consciousness, karma, reincarnation


This paper critically examines Maria Montessori's method of early childhood education through the lens of Vedic psychology. While Montessori's approach emphasizes child-centered learning and hands-on activities, this study explores its compatibility with Vedic psychology, which includes ancient Indian philosophical and psychological insights. Through an analysis of Montessori's principles alongside Vedic psychology concepts such as the holistic nature of the self and the importance of spiritual development, potential areas of misalignment or improvement within Montessori's framework are identified. By offering a nuanced critique, this paper contributes to the discourse surrounding early childhood education, aiming to enrich educational practices by integrating insights from diverse philosophical perspectives.