About the Journal

The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Arts, Science and Technology (IJMRAST) is an International Open Access, Peer-reviewed, Refereed Journal, Multidisciplinary, Monthly, Multilanguage Online Journal that aims to facilitate the dissemination of high-quality scientific research across various fields of art, science and technology. With a commitment to fostering innovation and advancing knowledge, the journal provides a platform for researchers, scholars, and scientists to share their findings and insights with the global scientific community.

As a multi-disciplinary journal, it covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, including but not limited to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Geography, Economics, Psychology, History,  Commerce and Management, Sociology, Education, Social Sciences and Applied Sciences. This diverse scope allows researchers from different disciplines to collaborate and contribute to the collective understanding of modern science and technology.

The journal follows an open-access model, ensuring that all published articles are freely accessible to readers worldwide. This accessibility promotes the democratization of knowledge, making scientific research available to a broader audience and fostering greater collaboration and innovation. By removing barriers to access, the journal encourages the exchange of ideas and the exploration of new frontiers in scientific research.

The IJMRAST maintains rigorous peer-review standards to ensure the quality and integrity of published research. This process involves expert reviewers who assess the scientific validity, methodology, and significance of the submitted manuscripts. By upholding these high standards, the journal ensures that published research meets the criteria of scientific excellence and contributes meaningfully to the advancement of knowledge.